The concept behind Sfhere was originally created by Hardeep Rai. Hardeep worked with James Caan, as Director of Hamilton Bradshaw Prime Advantage (formerly Hamilton Bradshaw Venture Partners), a business growth advisory service. He was instrumental in successfully growing revenues to in excess of £2m in just 16 months. 


Through interacting with over 600 SME businesses Hardeep developed an intricate understanding of the challenges that a number of businesses faced with growth and in particular exit. 


With these at the forefront of his mind, he went on to create Sfhere but with a difference. The focus would now be on growing SME businesses into foreign markets. In addition, all business activities would need to be conducted in-house, including capital raising, sourcing potential buyers and executing the sale transaction. 


‎In order to help him to grow the business Hardeep invited Shezad Nawab to join him and assist with building the initial team of Growth Partners. Shezad is one of the UK's most successful deaf award winning entrepreneurs.