To partner with you to provide expertise and advice on preparing your business for international expansion leading to an exit within 4 years.
One of Sfhere’s unique selling points is our ‘Straight Through Process To Exit’ (STPx) programme. We have all the in-house expertise available to be able to expand your business, prepare you for an exit, find you a suitable buyer and successfully execute the transaction. Your business will benefit from having access to between 6 - 9 extremely high calibre and accomplished Growth Partners (GPs) throughout the duration of your relationship with Sfhere. 
Straight Through Process To Exit Programme (STPx)

Growth Partners: Our GPs are successful entrepreneurs with international experience and will work with you as a collective.

Growth Methodology: We have developed a proprietary growth methodology which we apply to each business we work with.


Country recommendations: We suggest the most beneficial international markets for your business to expand in to.


Finance: We can introduce finance through loans or equity to assist with expansion into foreign markets.


Sourcing a Buyer: Source the right buyer for your business in order to maximise the value of your potential exit. 


Due diligence: We produce the information memorandum and prepare all the necessary documentation for due diligence.


International network: We have a strong network of international connections to assist with sales and marketing.


Sell your business:  We have the inhouse capability to execute the sale transaction and sell your business for you. 

We monitor client progress through our Performance Management Programme. There is regular contact with our clients through our Relationship Management team who are responsible for ensuring that all client's queries or concerns are addressed in an efficient and timely manner. This will be in addition to tracking progress through regular Board Meetings.