• In the first 3 months a selection of our Growth Partners evaluate your business and assess its readiness for international expansion and exit using our Initial Assessment Methodology (I.A.M). We review your business from a number of different perspectives including; financial, infrastructure, marketing, sales and distribution, operations, governance, people, human resources and technology and then produce a detailed report. 


  • We analyse this report and produce a strategic plan on how best to grow your business and maximise its potential value prior to an exit. This plan include our recommendations on what countries your business should expand into and identify a potential exit route. 


  • We create a roadmap with specific measureable deliverables that will form a part of our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We then match the most appropriate Growth Partners to your business using our Matrix (below) dependent on what your needs and requirements are. Our Growth Partners will change at different stages in order to ensure that we are always maximising the value that we can bring to our clients. 


  • We have the In-House Corporate Finance expertise which enables us to raise finance, should the business need it and execute the successful exit of the business. 


  • We monitor client progress through our Performance Management Programme. There is regular contact with our clients through our Relationship Management team who are responsible for ensuring that all client's queries or concerns are addressed in an efficient and timely manner. This will be in addition to tracking progress through regular Board Meetings. 

We have developed our own unique proprietary methodology which we will apply to all the businesses we work with. 

Growth Partner Matrix

Our Growth Partner Matrix is illustrative of the breadth and depth of coverage across all of our GPs. The number of coloured dots relates to the number of GPs covering that particular sector / function.