How Can Overseas Expansion Increase The Value Of Your Business
Monday 16th May | 18.00-20.00

At this event you will hear from two of our Growth Partners who will share some of their insights into the rationale behind why overseas expansion was a credible way of increasing the value of their businesses. Our CEO, Hardeep Rai will then introduce Sfhere and how it can work with your ....

The Importance Of Having An Exit Plan
Wednesday 15th June | 7.30-9.00

I work alone, I trust no one but me, in fact sometimes I don’t event trust myself. I am doing fine, the recession is in the history books, UK and Europe look set for divorce. Exporting has never appealed to me and the idea of establishing my business in foreign markets is a step too far. I have no partners...

Business "Scenario Planning"
Wednesday 6th July | 18.30-20.00

Management teams frequently find it difficult to reach consensus as to which direction to take when faced with a complex situation where the future is uncertain. Discussions can get heated,  when people find it difficult to understand or accept alternative viewpoints,  ie direction X vs direction Y....