Hardeep Rai

Zuzana is the Client Relationship Manager and is responsible for developing, nurturing and managing relationships between Sfhere core team and its clients. Her role is to interact with clients on a regular basis, address any client concerns and help to ensure any queries are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.


Zuzana spent the last 7 years of her career at KPMG, where she took up various roles in HR, Financial Services, Public Sector and National Markets. Zuzana was also one of the launch team members for 'Small Business Accounting' service at KPMG. Her responsibilities included project management, stakeholder management and the provision of management information.


Zuzana is originally from Slovakia and has lived in the UK for 13 years.

Shezad is the COO of Sfhere and is primarily responsible for recruiting high calibre Growth Partners into Sfhere. He is also responsible for monitoring our Performance Management Programme to ensure we are delivering value to our clients on an ongoing basis.


Shezad is a deaf entrepreneur and has been actively involved in helping new businesses, start-ups and SMEs grow through his consulting. He offers advice ranging from investment planning to exit strategy as well as guidance on pitching.


After graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing, Shezad won many prestigious awards, which included being listed in the top ten most influential disabled people in business 2014, Young Entrepreneur 2011 and Innovation Winner 2010.


Shezad is fluent in five sign languages.

Co-Founder and COO

Hardeep is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sfhere. He is responsible for creating the concept behind Sfhere and defining its growth and client acquisition strategy.


Hardeep has first hand experience of growing a similar growth advisory business during his time working for Hamilton Bradshaw Prime Advantage (owned by James Caan). Hardeep successfully grew the business from initial revenues of £60,000 to £2.2m in just 16 months. He has an intricate understanding of the challenges that SME businesses face having personally interacted with over 600 business founders. This has been taken into consideration when creating the Sfhere proposition.  

Previous to Sfhere Hardeep spent 21 years in the Financial Services industry: 15 years in Hedge Fund and the last 6 years as an entrepreneur, investor and start up specialist.

Co-Founder and CEO

Zuzana Sokolova

Client Relationship Manager

He is also the Managing Director of Kaleidoscope Investments which specialises in investing in start up businesses that are founded by disabled people. 

Shezad Nawab MBE